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Different Ways to Cleanse

BEST Option: 9 Days, 5 of Them a Liquids-Only Fast

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Overview of the BEST Option

For the BEST results, the Colon Cleansing Kit™ should be done over an 9 day period that includes a 5 day, liquids-only fast. Liquids only fasting assures that Toxin Absorber’s™ ability to remove old waste will not be lessened by the presence of solid food. In addition, taking Toxin Absorber™ every 3 hours, while awake, will maintain the optimum concentration of waste-removing herbs within your digestive tract and give you a full feeling thus lessening a feeling of hunger. This method is unequaled for removing old accumulated intestinal debris.*

BEST Option: Step-by-Step
  1. This method starts with a 3 day pre-cleanse with daily reductions of food portions and/or diet changes. During this time you will also discover how many Digestive Stimulator™ capsules you need to take before dinner to assure three daily bowel movements the following day. This number will vary depending on your current regularity.
  2. You will follow the pre-cleanse with 5 days of liquids-only fasting, while taking Toxin Absorber™ 5 times per day (every 3 hours). Generally on the second or third day of this liquids only fast you will begin to see the largest amount of old waste being removed from your body (results vary individually).*
  3. After completing your 5 day, liquids-only diet, you’ll take one day to gently break your fast and resume eating solid foods again.
  4. You should continue taking any remaining Digestive Stimulator™ until you have completed your bottle (if you want, you may order more and continue using it for as long as you like).

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