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Dietary Changes and the Strength of Your Cleanse

dietary considerations can increase the strength of your cleanse

As mentioned above you can control the strength of your cleanse (see chart below titled “Controlling the Strength of Your Cleanse”) by varying what and how much you eat. By eating less and/or easier to digest foods you will have a deeper cleanse with more old waste removal.* This scale ranges from a liquids only diet to 3 full meals per day plus snacks.

Remember, it is recommended that you do a liquids only fast for the 5 days of intensive colon cleansing. If you are looking for maximum results you should only elect to eat as a second option if you feel liquids only fasting is too harsh for your body, or if you are unable to do a liquids only fast for other health reasons.*

Specific Foods to Eliminate While Cleansing

Some foods are particularly difficult for the body to digest or process. Below is a list of foods that are beneficial to eliminate while cleansing.

  • Dairy products including cheese, ice cream, milk, and yogurt because they clog and congest, thus slowing down the elimination of toxins and old intestinal waste
  • Fried foods, especially pan-fried with oil or deep-fried because they also clog and congest
  • Processed sugar (white sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, etc) in candy, soft drinks, or added to food because they depress the immune system
  • Common Iodized Table Salt because it constricts and holds in toxins (you can buy unrefined, unheated earth or sea salt lightly).
  • Meat because it takes the most energy to digest and slows cleansing
Controlling the Strength of Your Cleanse

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