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How Often Should I Cleanse My Colon?

This is best answered by listening to your body. Ultimately you are the best judge of your needs and if you intuitively feel now is the time for you to cleanse, then do so. That said, there are general minimum and maximum guidelines. What determines how often you cleanse is the state of your health and whether you have ever done any cleansing before. Those who are not in the best of health and/or have never cleansed before, will find they need to cleanse more frequently for the first 2–3 years and then return to a yearly or twice yearly maintenance program of cleansing. Minimum - once a year or once every Spring and Fall. Maximum - once every 2–3 months, followed by alternating periods of a rebuilding diet/program. Please consult your healthcare provider if you elect to choose this more intensive path of cleansing.

A Typical Yearly Schedule for Cleansing

How to Sustain Your Health Improvements

Herbal Cleansing can lead to many different health benefits – but remember that sustaining your benefits requires an ongoing personal commitment to improve your eating habits and lifestyles.

Five Keys to Ongoing Health
  1. Maintain a healthy digestive system
  2. Maintain regular elimination (daily!)
  3. Be sure to get sufficient, restful sleep
  4. Detox your whole body, at least once a year
    to reduce the effects of exposure to internal and external toxins
  5. Eliminate or reduce exposure to toxins

Key Diet and Lifestyle Changes That We’ve Found
to be Universally Effective

Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Colon Cleansing precautions

Different Ways to Colon Cleanse

The good, better, best ways to colon cleanse