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Other Benefits from Colon Cleansing

More Mental Clarity & Focus

Without regular elimination (at least once per day) your undigested food literally has a chance to compost within your body. This can lead to an excessive burden of internal toxins, which, if absorbed into your bloodstream, can adversely affect your mental and emotional state. Herbal colon cleansing will not only promote regular elimination, but by removing old waste it can reduce this internal source of toxins, clear your thinking and lessen your emotional swings.

Reduce Cravings & Food Dependencies

When your body’s ability to digest and absorb food is impaired, it feeds a cycle of craving more food and stronger flavors when what you really need is better nutrition.* Many people have found that our herbal cleansing kits are a terrific aid in breaking this cycle and lessening their dependence on habit-forming foods like sugar, caffeine, junk foods, etc.* This means fewer highs/lows and a feeling of steadier, longer lasting energy.

Less Body Odors, Less Gas, Less Bloating

There are many “signs” when your digestive system is impaired or your body is suffering from an overload of toxins. Instead of masking these conditions with temporary “fixes” – colon cleansing works to resolve the root causes, providing you with a long-term solution and a marked improvement in your self esteem and confidence.

Better Appearance and Clearer Skin

When the main channel of elimination for the body - the colon - is backed up, toxic molecules overflow into the bloodstream and travel to the skin; another pathway for wastes to exit the body. Often, clearing up the surface of the skin can be achieved by the removal of accumulated wastes in the colon and establishing daily bowel movements. Colon cleansing can help you achieve clearer skin and let your true radiance shine forth.

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