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"Only about 25% of those with unwanted guests will actually develop observable signs. Most unwanted guest infestations go unnoticed."

"By getting rid of unwanted guests, you will decrease your toxic load, improve the functioning of body defenses, insure better absorption of food, rid yourself of vague, annoying, and discomforting feelings, and lift energy levels."

Blessed Herbs Co-Founder and Formulator of our cleansing products, Martha Volchok, AHG

More Common than Many Realize

Up to 50% of the population may carry at least one form of unwanted guest and possibly more. They often produce vague signs of digestive distress, or unexplained fatigue. Unwanted guests are good at what they do. They usually survive without detection. Living within our digestive tracts, they can rob us of our nutrition and burden our body with their toxic secretions. Over 100 types can inhabit the human body, some with a lifespan of over 30 years. Unwanted guests can be picked up almost anywhere: your pets, gardening, international travel, food, water, soil, and even air, to name just a few.

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